Del Paso Mural Project

Petrovich Development Company is seeking an urban street artist to submit drawings and examples of their work in a contest where Grocery Outlet will chose what design will be painted. The area to be painted is on the south wall (120’ long by 20’ tall) of the new building. We will provide the paint, the scaffolding (or lift) and insurance. The winning artist will receive $2,500 upon completion of their work provided the winning design and the final work are consistent. The design should by uplifting, reflect the diversity and spirit of the community and be appropriate for the side of a grocery store. We want the art to stand the test of time. Entrants do not need to live in the neighborhood. Photos of other street art that has been created by the submitting artist is critical. Artist do not need to be professional, just demonstrate an ability to complete the project. Deadline is June 1, 2018.

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